Security scope

Upon acceptance of this proposal, we shall set up a formal meeting with you. This is to determine the final security scope and to establish what your exact expectations are relating to the deliverables about the Security Risk Assessment.

There is a very distinct and vast difference between an Independent Security Risk Assessment, which places you, the Client, as the central primary focus, and the current industry practice of a Free Risk Assessment, which is designed to promote the agenda of the security service provider (security company), while inserting their products and service offerings as the solution to address your assessed risk.

As an Independent Security Risk Assessment evaluates the already deployed or potential deployment of security systems and security management personnel, this practice should raise a question as to the validity of the free risk assessment.

Therefore, as Client satisfaction is a top priority for us, we will listen to what you need and want, unlike most other Security Companies.

Unfortunately, many other individuals and entities that we have assisted in the past have experienced this situation and have been on the receiving end of the very risk they were seeking to control.

Prior to the commencement of the 2nd phase, another meeting shall be conducted with your management team and the relevant parties, if necessary, as the information collected often changes the scope due to all the unidentified risks that are revealed and new information that is brought to light as a result.

Written by Andre Mundell

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