What does a security risk assessment consist of?

  • In-depth investigation of your physical security in up to 7 different layers working from the outside in.
  • Not a Product Assessment, which is a sales pitch for hardware or security services.
  • Risk is not determined by formulas or rated in levels from low to high as is done in a Health & Safety Report.
  • No quick checklist, walkthrough or guesswork.
  • Focusing on all elements of security and not just the hardware.
  • The truth about your security status.
  • The combination of the 4 main viewpoints in security with the addition of the Risk Assessors viewpoint. (Refer to the Concept document for information regarding the 5 Viewpoints in security)
  • Reverse crime engineering.
  • The design of an all-encompassing security system.
  • Outcome-based solutions.
  • Understanding that crime can be prevented through the elimination of opportunity.
  • Your personal security textbook which remains a living document.
  • Foundation of your security now and into the future.
  • Not Risk Management.

Written by Andre Mundell

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