Independent security risk assessor guidelines, beliefs, foundation, and values.

The following points describe Alwinco’s standards, foundation, values, and guidelines that guide an Independent Security Risk Assessor through each Security Risk Assessment. An Independent Security Risk Assessor must be registered at PSIRA – “The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Thus, should you …

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Security risk assessment’s deliverables

Security Risk Assessment will deliver the following upon completion of the commissioned Security Risk Assessment within the report: The results with regards to the extensive investigation covering at least 5 to 10 levels. Identification of risks and threats within the physical system (accompanied by photographic evidence). An outcome-based tailored Security Plan detailing various options for …

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Expectations with regards to the security risk assessment

The client can expect the following from the Security Risk Assessment phases and procedures: A full analysis of the site’s physical security including intangible aspects. Assessment of the community’s exposure to security threats (both internal and external). Detailed explanations of existing and future weaknesses with corresponding preventative measures. (This facilitates the understanding of the need …

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Security scope

Upon acceptance of this proposal, we shall set up a formal meeting with you. This is to determine the final security scope and to establish what your exact expectations are relating to the deliverables about the Security Risk Assessment. There is a very distinct and vast difference between an Independent Security Risk Assessment, which places …

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Our aim is to complete the Security Risk Assessment in a maximum of 45 days, however, a multitude of factors, as discussed in the Concept Document, has an influence on the total turnaround time. We will regularly keep you up to date with the progress of the assessment, as well as any possible delays. Please …

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Cost of ignorance

What if your loved one, a victim of a crime that could have been prevented if the correct security measures were in place, is fatally wounded? I ask again, what is the cost of a life? I am not just talking about the monetary value, I am talking about the emotional value too. What is …

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Information you will find in the security risk assessment

Collective professional advice regarding your security including various experts within different security fields. Control. WHO is the Criminal? The Responsibility of Security. Knowing what to do when your security fails and when safety needs to kick in (Emergency Plan). Provision of evidence after a crime occurs. Means by which to communicate security needs to the …

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Security risk assessment does not

Sell, install or service security equipment or products. Provide security guards or patrol services Provide computer or network consulting services Review accounting controls or perform financial audits Provide fire prevention or occupational safety consulting services.

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