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Security scope

Security Risk Scope – Upon acceptance of this proposal, we shall set up a formal meeting with you the client. This is to determine the final security scope and to establish what your exact expectations are relating to the deliverables about the Independent Security Risk Assessment. There is a very distinct and vast difference between …

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What is a security risk assessment?

Before anything can be done or any decisions can be made, one needs to understand the risk. A Security Risk Assessment will provide you with the necessary clarity to fully understand the risks that will lead to crime if it is not eliminated. A security risk assessment is a realistic, comprehensive, and intelligent approach to security that prevents crime. This methodology provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of security risks. Complete CONTROL over your security. A well done risk assessment provides complete control over your security. A risk assessment aims to identify potential security breaches. The assessor considers security from both the client and criminal’s perspectives. Three …

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