What does a security risk assessment
company do?

  • It is imperative to note that Security Risk Assessment conducts a full Security Risk Assessment and NOT a Cosmetic Assessment.
  • We do not ‘guess’ the risks. Only an in-depth investigation into your current security status will reveal all risks, and this is what Security Risk Assessment focuses on.
  • Please ensure to READ this proposal in full. We will also supply you with our Concept document that will aid in clarifying Security Risk Assessment’s concepts. Resist the urge to immediately turn to the page with the pricing information as this should NOT be a determining factor. Failing to read this proposal in full will be your first mistake and will contribute to the overall security risk.
  • We cannot conduct a Security Risk Assessment in a week or two. Anyone who promises this cannot be a Security Risk Assessor and will only provide you with a Cosmetic Risk Assessment and NOT a Security Risk Assessment.
  • Security Risk Assessment does NOT make use of a Risk Matrix in the Security Risk Assessment as we are of the firm belief that this is the incorrect approach to assess the risks.
  • Please note that Physical Security Risk Assessment is NOT a Health and Safety report.
  • Security Risk Assessment is an INDEPENDENT Security Risk Assessment Consultancy. We are in no way affiliated with any Security Company that either provides a service or supplies security equipment.
  • When we conduct a Security Risk Assessment, we find the TRUTH about your security and that is what we build the assessment on. Knowing the truth puts you in control of your security.
  • The best way to find a real Security Risk Assessor is to ask how many articles he/she has published.

Particular interest in criminal investigations cases that have been dropped due to insufficient evidence (nolle prosequi) - Alwinco - Independent security risk assessment

A Security Risk Assessor will always stay true to the principles of the Security Risk Assessment, ensuring that all the bases are covered if he/she is called upon to testify in court as an expert witness.

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