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Independent security risk assessment – Responsibility

For retail and shopping mall security falls on multiple parties: landlords, managing agents/facility managers, shopping centre management, tenants, business owners, and the deployed security company.Each plays a crucial role in ensuring an effective, efficient, and manageable security system with clear communication lines and defined responsibilities, addressing identified internal and external risks.

Understanding who is responsible for what part of the security system is as crucial as knowing what security system is in place. Without this clarity, no security system can operate efficiently or cost-effectively. A security risk assessment is essential to identify, understand, research, and develop a security plan that aligns with the overall security strategy and budgetary constraints.

The security budget

Is a significant part of the retail operational budget. Therefore, limiting or curtailing this expense is common practice for most landlords, managing agents, and tenants. A quality independent security risk assessment helps ensure that the security budget is spent wisely. Prevents incorrect assignment or redundancy. Security awareness training can often save more money than implementing additional measures.

Risk is the likelihood of damage, injury, liability, loss, or other negative events resulting from vulnerabilities, which proactive measures can mitigate.
For forty years, crime has been approached reactively rather than proactively. The increasing crime rates, as revealed by SAPS crime statistics, indicate that current methods are less effective than in the past. Criminals adapt quickly to our defensive efforts, requiring constant assessment of vulnerabilities and opportunities that endanger lives, property, and businesses.

Security companies often define the risk at no cost and propose solutions from their stock, suggesting that the retail sector does not take security seriously enough. Without independent security risk assessments, retail operations lack scrutiny of their security systems, protocols, policies, systems, and personnel.

This assessment is crucial for identifying strengths and weaknesses aligned with the strategic goals of retail operations and their management.

Without an Independent security risk assessment, the design of new or current security systems lacks a solid foundation.

Written by: Andre Mundell, Independent security risk assessor at Alwinco.


Conducts Independent Security Risk Assessment throughout South Africa, with a significant presence in Gauteng (including Waterkloof, Randburg, Carlswald, Rivonia, and Hatfield), as well as in Noordhoek, Musgrave, and Somerset West.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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