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If we only knew.

So many times, After a crime, people would ask me, “Andre, how did we not know about independent security risk assessment?” If we had known about it, we would not have had this loss, death, crime, or high jacking, or whatever the case may be. Read more on independent security risk assessments.  We’ve learned a …

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A real security solution

I’d like to share a story to illustrate the distinction between an Independent Security Risk Assessment and one conducted by a security provider. A client faced a recurring problem where criminals captured a guard and used his radio to locate the rest of the security team, stealing thousands of assets. The client switched security providers …

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As safe as houses?

Independent Security Risk Assessor Is big security spending solely reserved for business installations, or are residential owners recognizing the importance of securing their properties? Hi-Tech Security Solutions recently discussed current trends in residential security with three industry experts. Andre Mundell, An independent security risk assessor at Alwinco believes that residents and residents’ associations often neglect …

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A comprehensive security risk assessment

A comprehensive security risk assessment Is a crucial process often misunderstood in both private and corporate sectors. It involves a meticulous and intelligent evaluation of potential threats, serving as a proactive defense against criminal activities. By thoroughly understanding the risks, one can gain comprehensive control over their security measures. The assessment It encompasses multiple layers, …

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