Cost of Ignorance

What if

Your loved one, a victim of a crime that could have been prevented if the correct security measures were in place, is fatally wounded? I ask again, what is the cost of a life? I am not just talking about the monetary value, I am talking about the emotional value too. What is the cost of loss?

When you think about this scenario a bit, you can easily decide for yourself which is the more expensive option.

Before you read my Proposal, do yourself a favor and try to calculate the cost of ignorance, then compare the cost of security to this.

The cost of security might seem high, especially in today’s economic times, but I assure you the cost of ignorance is 100 times more expensive.

What will it cost to replace stolen goods or repair property or structural damages? In the same breath, I can ask you, what is the ‘cost’ of a life?

Once you have read the Proposal, it might be easy to think that it is too expensive, or that it is ‘over the top’, but if you take everything into consideration, you will realize that neither of your thoughts was accurate


What will the cost be if one of your family members are stabbed or shot (or worse) by a criminal who was caught red-handed whilst breaking in or stealing something of value? The cost does not stop there. If the victim survives the ordeal, they will face medical bills, require recovery treatment, and need to address psychological damage.

What I am sharing with you might seem harsh, but the reality is that these things happen. Every single day. Fighting crime pro-actively is our only weapon and our only chance of survival.

Please refer to our Concept Document for further information regarding our pricing structure. We have included an article; ‘Cheap or Secure?’, which we believe you might find insightful. Written by Andre Mundell Independent Risk Consultant at Alwinco

We do security risk assessments all over South Africa, including in Fichardt Park, Pinetown, Cape Town, Randburg, Vorna Valley, Sandton, and Pietersburg.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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