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If we only knew.

So many times, After a crime, people would ask me, “Andre, how did we not know about independent security risk assessment?” If we had known about it, we would not

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A real security solution

I’d like to share a story to illustrate the distinction between an Independent Security Risk Assessment and one conducted by a security provider. A client faced a recurring problem where

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As safe as houses?

Independent Security Risk Assessor Is big security spending solely reserved for business installations, or are residential owners recognizing the importance of securing their properties? Hi-Tech Security Solutions recently discussed current

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domestic workers and estates by Art Wager.

Domestic Workers and Estates

Constitutional human rights vs. estates and security. Domestic Security Estate: The article discusses a ruling by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) declaring the practice of searching domestic workers

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Expectations with regards to the security risk assessment

The client can expect the following from Alwinco’s  Risk Assessments; Security Risk Assessment  Expectations – phases and procedures:   Security cannot be relied on assumption. The Security Plan and suggestions are completely based on the findings of a thorough investigation of the security system, which must identify, explain, and thoroughly comprehend all threats and vulnerabilities. When addressing and advising on security risks, we frequently

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Security scope

Security Risk Scope – Upon acceptance of this proposal, we shall set up a formal meeting with you the client. This is to determine the final security scope and to

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THE cost of ignorance

Cost of Ignorance

What if Your loved one, a victim of a crime that could have been prevented if the correct security measures were in place, is fatally wounded? I ask again, what

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Information within Risk Assessment

Information Within Risk Assessment As independent assessors, because we maintain complete impartiality. We neither sell nor install security products, nor do we have any financial incentives tied to the advice

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Security risk assessment does not

Security Risk Assessor Why They Don’t Sell Security Equipment or Services Security risk assessors play a crucial role in identifying Security Risks and recommending solutions to mitigate risks. However, there

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