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Security Risk Assessment – Everything in life seems to be rushed, and turnaround times are shortened because everything needed to be done yesterday already. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, especially when it comes to investigations, research processes, and assessments.

The main problem with a rushed timeframe is that it influences the ‘homework’ part of an assessment negatively, and when your homework is not done accurately, you will end up spending money on security equipment that might not even be able to eliminate your specific risks.

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Throughout South Africa,

You will find that incorrect security solutions have been installed, purely because very little or no research has been done or there was just not enough time to identify all the risks and find applicable solutions for the risks.

Security hardware is only a small piece of the security puzzle. Expensive, state-of-the-art security equipment is not naturally synonymous with security. Security consists of a variety of levels that all need to work together to form a successful and functional security system.

•             Unfortunately, we cannot accurately predict how long a Security Risk Assessment will take, but we aim to complete the assessment in 35 days.

Alwinco specializes in Security Risk Assessments,

I can say with absolute certainty that one cannot conduct a proper Security Risk Assessment in less than the number of days mentioned above. Just like you cannot bake a perfectly golden-crusted bread in 10 minutes or do a heart transplant in an hour. For a Security Risk Assessment to be successful, one must follow certain processes and protocols.

•             It takes a minimum of 10–15 days to establish patterns, routines, behavior in stressful situations, etc.

The first 10 days are usually a smokescreen for how everything really works.

•             Like when you hear that your mother-in-law is on her way over to your house, you rush through the house to make sure everything is spotless, but when she leaves, everything goes back to normal.

The same applies to an assessor on site.

When people know they’re being watched, they behave their best: they follow processes, communicate effectively, and complete registers.This is not a true reflection of the security status. Can you really make recommendations on a smokescreen? If the risks are not established, how accurate will the solutions be??

In addition to this,

The total turnaround time is completely dependent on the number of risks. As well as finding suitable solutions for the risks. Finding viable and suitable solutions for each unique risk is often what takes up most of the time.

Factors such as the weather, strikes, holidays, etc. all contribute to the total time spent on a Risk Assessment. The payment of the deposit or final invoice is also a factor that influences the timeframe of the Risk Assessment. Furthermore, we must often study patterns, habits, people, etc. to establish if they contribute to the risks, which also adds to the total time spent on the assessment.

All these factors play a role in the timeframe

Keep in mind that each assessment is unique, as no two sites or properties are alike. However, we always aim to conduct a Risk Assessment quickly without compromising the investigation, and the total time spent on an assessment does not impact the initially quoted price. Read more on if we only knew. 

Written by Andre Mundell Alwinco’s independent risk Assessor.

Gauteng (which includes Lenasia, Vander bijl Park, Waterfall, Sandton, and Menlo Park), Bloemfontein, Chatzworth, and Cape Province are some South African regions where we conduct security risk assessments in.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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