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We, Alwinco, are an Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy that specializes in conducting Security Risk Assessments on all types of properties, buildings, companies, estates, farms, homes, retirement villages, etc. We have only one purpose and that is to find all risks and opportunities that will lead to crime.  We do not have any predetermined objectives such as selling or installing security hardware or software…

As Independent Security Consultants we do Security Risk Assessments throughout South Africa. We have a very strong footprint in: Gauteng (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, Centurion) Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town.

How did they measure security at the site without conducting a full assessment?

What should be expected of a security risk assessment?

To best answer this million dollar question, it would actually explain more when it is highlighted what should NOT be expected from the Risk Assessment.

We don’t recommend conducting the Security Risk Assessment with your local Security Company or Security Provider because they don’t provide a full Security Risk Assessment; instead, they offer a Product Assessment.

This is often provided for free

Or at a very minimal rate. This occurs because it’s simply a sales tactic to increase sales, and the salesman’s earnings are directly tied to what the end user buys or subscribes to. There’s a lack of thorough research into options, and the Security Plan is essentially a list from the salesman’s inventory. Furthermore, the assessment phase’s actual findings do not influence these predetermined recommendations.

The grading method which is actually a direct overflow from Health & Safety is inaccurate. Authorities rate an area of the site as low to high risk based on the possibility of a crime occurring.

The independent assessor

Focuses on the opportunity for a crime to occur and uses this methodology to analyze the property in various levels. There is also no quick checklist for conducting a Security Risk Assessment.

How did they measure security at the site without conducting a full assessment?

On what foundation was security and the planning thereof laid upon?
As security risk assessors, our job is not to give up. We have to keep educating and convincing those in leadership positions; CEO’s and MD’s, regarding the importance of commissioning regular independent security risk assessments.

It is difficult to change existing perceptions, but this is the challenge we need to face.

Not one company has been able to show me their risk assessment report in the last 19 years. Some companies had even confused an occupational health and safety report for a security risk assessment.

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