Independent security risk assessor guidelines, beliefs, foundation, and values.

The following points describe Alwinco’s standards, foundation, values, and guidelines that guide an Independent Security Risk Assessor through each Security Risk Assessment.

  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor must be registered at PSIRA – “The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Thus, should you wish to work in “Security”, it is mandatory that you are registered with PSIRA.”
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor is not a Security Company or any of its subsidiaries. They are a security risk assessment firm.
  • A truly independent security risk assessor does not compete with those who use free email addresses. An Independent Risk Assessor’s accreditation can be verified and justified at any time. In the blink of an eye, anyone can create a Gmail account. It takes years of hard work to establish a Security Risk Assessment Consultancy, and anyone who is proud of their accomplishments will value their output.
  • Always vetting an independent security risk assessor on the web, such as “Alwinco” and “Andre Mundell,” for a deeper understanding of our work and offerings via articles, documents, and other relevant information.
  • Security Risk Assessment is also referred to as a security survey, threat analysis, risk identification, physical security audit, security inspection, and vulnerability assessment.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor understands that the first step in resolving a problem is to conduct an honest assessment.
  • It is critical to understand that a security risk assessment is NOT the same as risk management. How can risks be managed when they have yet to be identified?
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor understands the purpose of a Risk Assessment beyond the paperwork. They recognize that the ultimate goal of a Risk Assessment is to safeguard not only the property but also the people who live on it.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor recognizes the impact that crime can have on a person’s life, a business, or a family, which is why security is at the heart and core of an Independent Assessor.
  • It is critical to understand that a Security Risk Assessment is not only intended to protect you as an individual or business from crime. Although it is a crucial aspect of the assessment, a Risk Assessment also protects your investment.
  • Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancies are currently in short supply in South Africa.
  • A project only has one assessor. Nobody has the same point of view. Working on a project with more than one Assessor is analogous to two artists working on the same portrait, each with their own vision of how the image should look.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor ALWAYS tells the truth about your Security.
  • An Independent Assessor’s pride is a Security Risk Assessment document, not only because of the security information and detailed solutions it provides, but also because of the value it adds to security structures and, ultimately, people’s lives.
  • Security is viewed differently, which distinguishes an Independent Security Risk Assessor from the competition. Assessor begins with the criminal’s perspective.
  • An independent security risk assessor examines a property, as well as people’s behavior and routines. That is the most important perspective to consider.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor will always stay true to the principles of the Security Risk Assessment, ensuring that all the bases are covered if they are called upon to testify in court as an expert witness. Any deviations from the principles will ultimately discredit the Independent Security Risk Assessor as an Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultant.
  • A truly independent security risk assessor adheres to its own set of protocols. It will not allow anyone to dictate how an Assessment should be conducted.
  • Crime is real and affects everyone on this earth in one way or another.
  • South African crime is heinous. Evil is an entirely different beast. Those who are evil believe that bad is acceptable. Their actions, no matter how violent, are justified in their minds. They engage in all forms of violent crime with no regard for the consequences for those they leave behind. They have no moral compass.
  • A Security Risk Assessment has a simple scope: risk is where a threat and an opportunity intersect. Based on the assessments, an Independent Security Risk Assessor strives to always stay within this scope.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor endeavors to communicate the findings, solutions, and other security-related information as plainly and straightforwardly as possible, ensuring all parties clearly grasp the assessment’s content. This is particularly crucial when decisions and implementations are imminent.
  • Because an Independent Security Risk Assessor comprehends the impact of crime, every effort is made to go the extra mile.
  • Each project has its funding from an Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy. Another project’s funding should not be used to start a new project.
  • After completing the assessment, one should cross-reference all related documentation.
  • Any Independent Security Risk Assessor’s Assessment document is a living document that never dies.
  • A Security Risk Assessment must cater for a timeframe extending past the ‘now’. It should also cater for the future. It’s never just a once-off solution. The Risk Assessment is the foundation for your Security, for now and into the future. A strong foundation will ensure that everything built on it will be effective and long-lasting.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor looks for solutions in all avenues and often, if not always, thinks out of the box to ensure that the solution is site- and risk-specific.
  • An Independent Security Risk Assessor acknowledges the value of time and recognizes its irreplaceable nature. They refrain from wasting people’s time, understanding that once it’s lost, it cannot be regained.
  • An Independent Assessor respects and takes confidentiality very seriously in line with Article 37 of the Security Act. No confidentiality agreement should ever be broken.
  • A Risk Assessment should be used to gain and provide knowledge, not instill fear. This document should provide knowledge about crime, Security, and risk to understand how to fight crime, eliminate the risk, and be secure.
  • The solutions outlined in the assessment are tailored to suit your living and/or working environment. The research that goes into a Risk Assessment is especially vital for this to be successful.
  • An Independent Risk Assessor does not conduct cosmetic assessments. The assessments are factual, workable, and conducted solely to eliminate the risks that will lead to crime. An Independent Risk Assessor does not assess smokescreens.
  • The assessments thoroughly evaluate reality, ensuring the Assessor dedicates necessary time to assess the situation accurately rather than what individuals wish to portray.
  • An Independent Assessor’s vocabulary does not include the word “compromise.” They will not make any concessions in any aspect of the Security Risk Assessment. They will always follow the entire process and concentrate their efforts on identifying risks.
  • If one does not address and remedy a security risk, it will not disappear overnight or even over an extended period. If left to its own devices, it will only become a greater risk.
  • An Independent Risk Assessor does not engage in price wars. They comprehend the essentials of compiling a comprehensive assessment, and the price is based on the input necessary to generate the desired output. A proper assessment is built-in levels, piece by piece, and it takes a lot of work, time, and effort. Several factors must consider the individuals who perform the legwork, act as agents, provide expertise, type documents, and so forth.
  • Our primary focus is never on the price; nevertheless, individuals still require compensation. Each process has a price, and when you cut a price, you need to cut processes that eventually affect the assessment result.
  • A Security Risk Assessment is not the same as a Risk Management report, Health & Safety, or a Security Company’s sales report.
  • A good Security Risk Assessor does not compare their processes to any security companies. They understand that a Security Company cannot conduct a Security Risk Assessment due to the nature of the business. They can only conduct Product Assessments, which are very different from Risk Assessments.
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  •  If the same person is in charge of both security and health and safety in a business, there is a significant security risk. Security consistently takes a backseat as officers devote all their time to Health & Safety, compelled by legal obligations.
  •  There is no shortcut to the perfect security solution. You have to start with an Independent Security Risk Assessment.
  •  An Independent Security Risk Assessor’s risk assessment is not a witch-hunt. It’s a hunt to find the truth—nothing more, nothing less.
  •  It is not a Risk Assessor’s job or place to judge. They ask questions to obtain information and to understand the processes.
  • A Security Risk Assessment is never personal.
  •  Solutions provided in the assessment are risk-specific, feasible, and properly researched to ensure the correct solution for the risk.
  • A Security Risk Assessment aims to furnish you with ample information to ensure your understanding of the risks, their nature, necessary mitigation measures, and implementation methods. However, failing to read the assessment and inquire about it leaves it confined to paper, rendering it incomprehensible.
  •  On request, an Independent Security Risk Assessor can provide an assessment summary (its prices separately). However, it is critical to understand that a summary is not the entire assessment. It will never be able to replace an assessment, nor will it contain all of the information needed to make an informed decision. Use it solely as a reference or to enhance readability.
  • The original Risk Assessment document will continue to be the primary source for all recommendations and solutions.
  • An independent Security Risk Assessment document considers much more than just crime and security. It also covers security, crime, daily life, security tips, general security awareness, and much more.

No property has been able to show me their Security Risk Assessment report in the last 20 years. Some individuals occasionally confuse this crucial document with the Occupational Health and Safety report. They are two entirely different documents. Written by Andre Mundell.

We provide security risk assessments throughout Gauteng, including Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, and Centurion.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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