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So many times,

After a crime, people would ask me, “Andre, how did we not know about independent security risk assessment?” If we had known about it, we would not have had this loss, death, crime, or high jacking, or whatever the case may be. Read more on independent security risk assessments. 

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We’ve learned a lot about security risk assessments and security decision-making over the years, particularly in different provinces.

So, let me share a story about our experience with security risk assessments.

Think of Gauteng as a quick decision-maker. We jump right into the security risk assessments with them. Next up is KZN; they take a bit more time, about a week or two, to decide, but once they do, we’re on the fast track. Now, the Cape Province, especially the Western Cape, stands out. The Eastern Cape is a bit slower than the Western Cape, and the North Cape is considerably slower than the Eastern Cape.

The Cape Province’s often ask for proposals, sometimes multiple times, and it takes a while for them to make decisions about security.  We’ve noticed some interesting things, like someone asking for a proposal, and then months later, someone else asks for a new proposal for the same property.

They don’t make quick decisions about security, and only about 10% of people in Cape Town act on a security risk assessment immediately after getting the first proposal.

In Cape Town,

Some people claim the costs are too high, but it’s puzzling to us how they measure the cost of securing lives and assets. We often have to wait a long time before they give the go-ahead.

Most of the time, we start with a security risk assessment a year later after the proposal, triggered by a crime on or near the property. Then we are asked to start the security risk assessment.

If we start a risk assessment after a crime, it’s already a losing situation. They might say they can’t afford it; a crime happens, and a year later, they suddenly find the money.

For 20 years,

We’ve grappled with this process. Doing a security risk assessment after a crime won’t undo what happened, but it can help prevent future incidents. It’s a bit confusing, but that’s the reality we’ve experienced.

I’d suggest approaching a security proposal with an open mind. If the proposal is unclear, let’s set up a virtual meeting to discuss with Alwinco we mean any security proposal.

Remember, it’s unnecessary to be a victim of crime when there’s a chance to completely stop crime on your property. Read more on security risk consultants. 

Written by Andre Mundell.

We specialize in security risk assessments for properties, buildings, companies, estates, farms, and homes across multiple locations: Gauteng (including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, and Centurion), Bloemfontein, Durban, and Cape Town.


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Written by Andre Mundell
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