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Independent Security Risk Assessor – Is big security spending solely reserved for business installations, or are residential owners recognizing the importance of securing their properties? Hi-Tech Security Solutions recently discussed current trends in residential security with three industry experts.

Andre Mundell,

An independent security risk assessor at Alwinco, believes that residents and residents’ associations often neglect adequate protection measures. Relying too heavily on outdated security systems. He emphasizes the necessity for a more comprehensive and integrated security approach, given the increasing sophistication of criminal tactics.pexels-binyaminmellish-186077 by . Independent security risk assessor

Responder 1,

The CEO of ATEC Systems and Technologies observes a positive trend towards upgraded security systems, especially biometric access control, among residents’ associations. However, he acknowledges challenges with traditional card access systems, such as card loss and unauthorized sharing. Enhanced visitor management is prioritized, with proactive measures like hand scanners and number plate recognition cameras replacing outdated logbook systems. Despite their benefits, handheld scanners pose security risks, requiring trained personnel to handle sensitive data.

Responder 2,

Owner of Umvukele Security, highlights the inefficiencies of contracting multiple companies for security solutions, advocating for a cohesive approach from a single provider. Andre Mundell emphasizes the need for resident education on identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective security measures. He stresses the importance of consulting independent risk assessors to tailor solutions to specific needs. Despite technological advancements, Andre Mundell is concerned that residents still favor traditional security methods over available technology.

Responder 3

That effective communication with service providers is essential for customized, budget-friendly solutions. He emphasizes the importance of comprehensive training for security personnel therefore ensuring efficient response to threats.

The experts advise against settling for the first service provider and emphasize the importance of market research, risk assessment, and system usability.

Responder 4,

The country manager of Radwin SA emphasizes the advantages of wireless networks in residential security, such as quicker installation, minimal disruption, and cost savings.

Experts agree on the necessity of proactive measures and education, and strategic planning to safeguard residential properties from evolving security threats.

In conclusion,

Andre Mundell highlights the importance of prioritizing the reading of your risk assessment.

Ensure that your risk assessment includes a section on driveway assessment, as the driveway is identified as one of the most dangerous areas in South Africa. Understanding the associated risks is essential.

Fully understand your security system and consider installing an SMS communicator connected to your system. This guarantees constant awareness of your security status, whether you’re at home or away. By alerting you, your family, and friends, this device facilitates faster assistance in times of crisis.

Having a safe space within your house is crucial, this safe space needs to include a panic button, spare phone, and charger among other things. The following information should be available in your risk assessment report.

By Andre Mundell.

Alwinco conducts security risk assessments in several major cities, including Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, and Gauteng (which includes Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, and Centurion).

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Written by Andre Mundell
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