What is a security risk assessment?

Before anything can be done or any decisions can be made, one needs to understand the risk. A Security Risk Assessment will provide you with the necessary clarity to fully understand the risks that will lead to crime if it is not eliminated.

security risk assessment is realistic, comprehensive, and intelligent approach to security that prevents crime. This methodology provides clients with comprehensive understanding of security risks.

Complete CONTROL over your security.

well done risk assessment provides complete control over your security. risk assessment aims to identify potential security breaches. The assessor considers security from both the client and criminal’s perspectives. Three other view points are added and will be discussed in greater detail during the Independent Security Assessment.

Security does not necessarily mean an alarm system or guard at the gate. Security encompasses wide range of objectives and requires crucial understanding. 

Risk specific solutions 

Once our team of experts thoroughly understands the risks, they collaborate to deliver feasible, reliable, and tailored solutions to address them effectively. They design these solutions to minimize crime and eliminate risks to the fullest extent possible. The assessment meticulously explains each solution, ensuring clarity and understanding. We prioritize functionality, ensuring that recommended solutions are suitable for your operational or residential environment.

Security solutions need not always involve investing in cutting-edge technology; simpler measures such as policy implementation can prove just as effective without excessive costs. Our approach is comprehensive, considering all five perspectives during the assessment process, thereby examining risks and solutions from every angle. Our recommendations are solely based on their alignment with your specific risks and needs.

A Security Risk Assessment assesses your risk, allowing you to be proactive, putting you in control of your security. That is why a Risk Assessment is so important. Written by Andre Mundell Owner of Alwinco. 

Several cities are covered by our security risk assessment projects: Bayswater, Durban, Cape Province, Gauteng (Pretoria, Houghton, Midrand, Hyde Park, and Centurion).

No more finger-pointing – take responsibility for your own security

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Written by Andre Mundell
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