What does a security risk assessment consist of?

The Million dollar question – What does a Security Risk Assessment consist of?

Here we explain some of the basic steps, just a reminder these are a select few. For more information please contact a trusted independent assessor from Alwinco

  • In-depth investigation of your physical security in up to 7 different layers working from the outside in.
  • Not a Product Assessment, which is a sales pitch for hardware or security services.
  • Formulas do not determine risk, nor is it rated in levels from low to high as in a Health & Safety Report.
  • No quick checklist, walkthrough or guesswork.
  • Focusing on all elements of security and not just the hardware.
  • We give you The truth about your current security status.
  • The combination of the 4 main viewpoints in security with the addition of the Risk Assessors viewpoint. (Refer to the Concept document for information regarding the 5 Viewpoints in security)
  • Reverse crime engineering.
  • The design of an all-encompassing security system.
  • Outcome-based solutions or risk specific solutions.
  • Understanding that eliminating opportunity can prevent crime.
  • Your personal security textbook which remains a living document.
  • Foundation of your security now and into the future.
  • Alwinco conducts Security Risk Assessments Not Risk Management.

By reading this Article I hope you have a better understanding of What a Security Risk Assessment consist of and why it is important to have one conducted. Written by Andre Mundell Independent security risk Advisor for Alwinco.

Our security risk assessment initiatives are spread across multiple cities, including Gauteng (Annlin, Boksburg, Midrand, Fourways, and Hatfield), Dan Pienaar, Port Edward, and Cape Town.


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Written by Andre Mundell
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