A heart transplant in 20 minutes?

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Security Risk Assessment – The first time is crucial when it comes to security. You cannot rush it, and you cannot take shortcuts because people’s lives depend on it. If you’re willing to risk getting a heart transplant done in 20 minutes so you can go on with your life, be my guest, but I surely would not take that chance, even if it were possible.

The article covers

The challenges that security risk assessors encounter, including clients’ unrealistic timeframes for completing Independent Security Risk Assessments. Clients frequently require completing risk assessments in an unduly short amount of time, which hinders the thorough and accurate assessment of security risks.

Initial Observation Period:

While it’s critical to learn an organization’s routines and behaviors during the first 10 days of an assessment, these days cannot be used to assess the security structure since employees present a ‘smokescreen’ of perfect behavior.

Assessment Complexity:

To complete a proper security risk assessment, you must conduct an in-depth investigation, identify risks, and research solutions. Rushing through these steps compromises the quality of your assessment.

A security risk assessment is not a one-size-fits-all document, but rather a detailed report tailored to the client’s exact specifications. It argues that, just as one would not trust a doctor to perform a heart transplant in 20 minutes, one should not trust a security risk assessor who offers a thorough assessment in an unrealistically short timeframe.

According to

The author Andre Mundell, the pressure to finish assessments quickly often leads to cutting corners, which can compromise security. The article also touches various subjects, such as the rise in kidnappings and the significance of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Written by Andre Mundell.

https://www.securitysa.com/62202n   Read the full article in Smart Security Solutions.

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A Soft approach to crime doesn’t work.

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Written by Andre Mundell
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