Information you will find in the security risk assessment

  • Collective professional advice regarding your security including various experts within different security fields.
  • Control.
  • WHO is the Criminal?
  • The Responsibility of Security.
  • Knowing what to do when your security fails and when safety needs to kick in (Emergency Plan).
  • Provision of evidence after a crime occurs.
  • Means by which to communicate security needs to the board members.
  • Security Awareness.
  • Understanding of criminal modus operandi and tactics.
  • Proactive crime prevention.
  • No unnecessary expenditure on security that simply does not work.
  • Value for money as existing hardware will be incorporated as far as possible into the new security system.
  • Review of Security Policies and Procedures.
  • Regular reports to keep you up-to-date regarding relevant newly released security technologies and the latest crime trends.
  • Assistance regarding Health and Safety as well as Disaster and Emergency Management Planning.
  • Security information gathering and auditing processes.
  • Security Meetings (both internal and neighbourhood).
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • Understand access control .

Written by Andre Mundell

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