Information within Risk Assessment

Information Within Risk Assessment

As independent assessors, because we maintain complete impartiality. We neither sell nor install security products, nor do we have any financial incentives tied to the advice or solutions we provide. Our sole focus is on conducting unbiased assessments to identify and address security risks effectively. At Alwinco, we comprehend the gravity of security concerns and are dedicated to safeguarding lives and assets.

Collective professional advice given by Alwinco regarding your security including various experts within different security fields.

  1. Control.
  2. WHO is the Criminal?
  3. The Responsibility of Security.
  4. Knowing what to do when your security fails and when safety needs to kick in (Emergency Plan).
  5. Provision of evidence after a crime occurs.
  6. Ways in which to communicate security needs to the board members.
  7. Security Awareness.
  8. Understanding of criminal modus operandi and tactics.
  9. Proactive crime prevention.
  10. No unnecessary expenditure on security that simply does not work.
  11. Value for money as existing hardware will be incorporated as far as possible into the new security system.
  12. Review of Security Policies and Procedures.
  13. Regular reports to keep you up-to-date regarding relevant newly released security technologies and the latest crime trends.
  14. Assistance regarding Health and Safety as well as Disaster and Emergency Management Planning.
  15. Security information gathering and auditing processes.
  16. Security Meetings (both internal and neighborhood).
  17. Service Level Agreement.
  18. Understand access control .

Moreover, the above-mentioned information within the Risk Assessment can be found in your Security Risk Assessment Report. Written by Andre Mundell.

We cover all of Gauteng with our security risk assessments, from Bloemfontein to Centurion, Midrand to Sandton, Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Know the difference: Independent Security Risk Assessments

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Written by Andre Mundell
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